¿qué pasó con gala y mauricio isla?

¿qué pasó con gala y mauricio isla?

check out how mauricio isla and gala’s civil marriage went.

«I feel very well and I also see her well, doing her things, being in a relationship and that is important. When she is happy, I think my daughter is happy too», he added, awakening the admiration of the entertainer for her maturity.

Mauricio Isla confided that when the breakup with Gala Caldirola occurred, «we talked and we were clear that things were going to happen behind us… Envy, that someone said something that was not, or even now that she is in a relationship, I try to stay out of it», alluding to the relationship she has with Iván Cabrera.

did gala caldirola break up with huaso isla? – la mañana

Mauricio Isla is on vacation in the country recharging his energies before starting the new season with his current club, Flamengo. The truth is that, during his visit to Chile, he accepted the invitation to participate in the program «Pero Con Repecto» and before the figure of Julio César Rodríguez, who inspired confidence in him, he dared to talk about everything.

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Then, he made reference to the feeling that invaded him when he found out that his ex-partner had started a new romance with Iván Cabrera.  «I feel very well and I also see her well, doing her things, being in a relationship and that is important. When she is happy, I think my daughter is happy too,» she said.

«I have a tremendous admiration for her, for what we had and I will never interrupt what she is living now», Mauricio Isla finished off the subject in the declarations he gave on the screens of Chilevisión, last Monday, December 27. A totally closed chapter as a couple, but insistent from respect and love. Bravo!

from you to you | mauricio isla

After the scandalous love breakup that Galadriel Caldirola went through with Chilean dancer Ivan Cabrera, Mauricio Isla could not remain silent about the terrible situation that the mother of his daughter is going through, so he did not hesitate to send her a heartfelt message of support through social networks to let her know that he will be with her for whatever she needs.

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Evidently, the message left by the Flamengo player was not just a mere lip service, because, just a few hours after sending his support to his ex-wife, the winger shared several images that placed him in the middle of a trip with his two daughters.

gala cardiola announces separation from huaso isla

The couple was living in Turkey when they found out she was pregnant. «For me at that moment it was a scare, because I didn’t feel ready for so many changes. I felt very young, in Europe we have the mentality of being an older mother. At first I was afraid,» Gala began.

«I didn’t want to have her at that moment, but he gave me the security, because he already had a daughter. He had already lived through it, so he gave me security and peace of mind, and little by little I adapted to the new situation,» said the young woman.

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